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    Dean Manning. Sunday Mountain. LP. 2019   Tinkerbellslutbaby. Right There With You. EP. 2017   Holidays On Ice. The Luxury of Wasted Space. LP. 2014
    loTN   dipTN   fnaTN
    Holidays On Ice. Pillage Before Plunder. LP. 2009   Holidays On Ice. Playing Boyfriends & Girlfriends. LP. 2005   Lo-Tec Highbrows. Success. LP. 2004
    tinkTN   openTN   angelTN
    Flamenco Non Academic. This is a Hold Up. EP. 2004   Dean Manning. Diplomatic. LP. 2003   Tinkerbellslutbaby. Something That Holds You For Good. LP. 2002
    tinkTN   openTN   angelTN
    Leonardo's Bride. Open Sesame, LP. 2000   Leonardo's Bride. Angel Blood. LP. 1997   Leonardo's Bride. Temperamental Friend. EP. 1994
        Leonardo's Bride. Debut. EP. 1992